Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New English Translation of the Mass

At the expense of exposing myself as a total ignoramous, I'd like to commend to all the Roma Locuta Est blog. The author has been doing an excellent job of writing little commentaries on the parts of the Mass and their new translations. Particularly valuable is his knowledge of Latin grammar and his analysis of the new versus the old. I also appreciate his insights as he applies what might be called a literary analysis to the texts. Let me know what YOU think about his contributions. I'm interested in hearing from others.

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  1. I ma both humbled and honored by this link, Father. Thank you for all your good work, and thank your for your kind words. I am far from perfect, but I strive daily to bring the joys and blessings of this new translation to God's faithful.


    Jake (Roma Locuta Est)


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