Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hello & Welcome!

Well, here it is then. I've been thinking about this for a long time. How to communicate more widely on the issues that come up in my everyday ministry and my own, more personal, pilgrimage of faith? I am very much looking forward to sharing with all of you and also hearing your reactions. Feel free also to ask your own questions of me. Who knows, it might become the subject of a blog entry that will be of great help to others!
I publish a weekly letter in my own bulletin (accessible on my parish web-site) and that will be readily accessible from this blog as I figure things out. I will also add links to other good, helpful, and trustworthy sites.
With my pastoral responsibilities I don't plan on posting everyday necessarily. I will commit however to posting at least weekly. Of course, when things heat up and I feel the need to comment (or vent!), or when I'm throwing things out there and looking for feedback the posts will come more frequently.
May the good and merciful Lord be with all of us as we take this opportunity to join one another to walk in faith, hope, and love.