Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vigil for Nascent Life

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, called for a Vigil for Nascent Life to begin the saeason of Advent. And so, we did! There were a number of options but they were more for those who don't already have Mass. So... At Holy Family - Arcadia and St. Boniface - Waumandee, we prayed a pro-life rosary before Mass then after Mass we exposed the Most Holy Eucharist and offered prayers for life and in reparation for the sin of abortion. We closed with benediction.

If you were not able to participate in the celebration at your parish, or if your parish did not observe this vigil, you can still do so in your home and with your family. Pray the Joyful Mysteries and add a prayer for the unborn, for mothers, fathers, doctors, and in reparation for the sin of abortion, fetal stem cell research, IVF, and medically challenged children at the beginning of each decade. Here is a link for some prayers to use in a pro-life rosary.

One of my parishioners commented on how nice it was to pray for the unborn as opposed to hearing about how wrong it is. I would agree! It was wonderful to do this. Maybe we can do a repeat come January. In any case, it is important to hear from your priest that it is evil. It is also VERY important for all people of good will to pray, and pray regularly for an end to this scourge.

I'd like to encourage all to make this your special prayer throughout this Advent season. I would also like to encourage devotion to the Infant Child Jesus (aka: the Infant of Prague). Maybe you could buy a statue of the Infant Child for your parish and ask your pastor to mount it some place suitable within your church. Provide holy cards with an image of the Infant Child along with a pro-life prayer of reparation for distribution in your parish.

There is so much that CAN be done. It's just for all of us to get out and do it. Don't forget to organize letter writing campaigns to our representatives, and not just those who are pro-choice! Our pro-life legislators need to know that we are behind them. Let them know that you appreciate their stand.

May God bless you as you continue to fight the good fight for these modern day "Holy Innocents". May the ever-virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and protection of the unborn, continue to hold you in the fold of her mantel, close to her most Immaculate Heart.

Pray Well!

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