Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Curious...

Isn't it interesting that after eight years of pillorying the Catholic Church for its handling of the sex abuse crisis the legal community of Wisconsin doesn't have a clue when it comes to cleaning its own house? I see that after getting a "proper complaint" from a citizen of Calumet County our governor and attorney general are finally going after Calumet District Attorney Ken Kratz.

After clobbering the Church for keeping these records confidential we find that according to Wisconsin Law complaints against attornies must be kept confidential. After demanding that priests be immediately suspended without any proof of wrong-doing Mr. Kratz is still in office except when he's taking "medical leave" when he's not otherwise busy being the DA.

This guy lies, get's caught in his lies, and is more worried about his reputation and declaring his actions a "non-story" than he is in justice. The state legal authorities are so concerned about "due process" NOW, when it's one of their own. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Have we learned so little over these eight years that we still can't see that a public official who abuses his power over the weak for sexual-egoistic satisfaction must be suspended immediately for the safety of society and his victims? Or maybe all of their self-righteous anger over the abuse of the weak by priests was a sham, a thinly veiled excuse for attacking the Church.

Don't get me wrong! Priests, and all others, who abuse their position must be brought to account for their actions. This is especially true when the abuse is of one who is in an inferior and weaker position. What am I missing?

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